Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am a visitor here; I am not permanent

Pics from my journey thus far:

What I love about flying into Reagan-National Airport is that you fly over landmarks as you're about to land.  Here's the Pentagon.

Ben and I decided to show our love for America at the DC Memorial Day Parade.

The Groves Marching Band was there!

My favorite building in the world.  Takes my breath away every time.


Me, Jeff and Ben at the Tigers game.

Dana's birthday dinner.  Notice the shivering woman who made it into the pic.

I see a resemblance 

Honest Abe.  By far my favorite monument in DC.  

Even prettier at night.  

More pics will be posted on flickr and facebook.  A more complete update/entry will come soon.


lizzo said...

NICE reference in the title, kiddo. very nice.

where is the colbert portrait now?

Dana Cronyn said...

I appreciated the title as well. Thanks for listening, John. Very cute post...could always use more Dana.